Depending on how often your Kazuba toilet building is used, maintenance is usually carried out approximately once or twice a year. If your Kazuba toilet building isn’t used frequently or is in a remote area maintenance can even be stretched out to every 2-3 years.

Maintenance of solid waste
The beauty of the Kazuba system is that waste that goes into the system composts down into a solid product that’s odour and pathogen-free and can be disposed of on site.

Most customers either dispose of the compost on site around fruit trees or other non-edible plants or bury the compost to dispose of it. Disposal is easy when the compost is in it’s dry state and can be conveniently done by hand with minimal effort.

Maintenance of liquid waste
Depending on the use of the system the maintenance of liquid within the Kazuba system may require no intervention or third party maintenance. The Kazuba systems are designed to evaporate liquid waste under normal use conditions. If however there’s a steep rise in usage and liquid waste starts to accumulate, a vacuum truck may be required to dispose of waste, however in Australia’s hot climate this will very rarely be needed.

Mixed servicing
It may be the case that toilets are subject to periods of low use followed by periods of high frequency of use, in which case it may be appropriate to use on site servicing and occasional off site servicing.

If you have any questions about a maintenance plan we’re able to help you decide the best options of toilet buildings and composting toilets for your requirements. Call us today on 1300 138 182.