Outloo Sheds

For "on the job" waterless toilets browse the bottom of this page for our low cost solutions that can be installed and ready to use in a couple hours. These systems come with a comprehensive DIY installation manual and can be used in an existing shed or outhouse.

Don't have anything in mind to house the toilet? No problem! An Outloo shed with a 10 year warranty can be purchased at the same time as the toilet.

To purchase a larger system or receive a freight quote, please phone us toll free on 1300 138 182 or email info@ecoflo.com.au.
Outloo Cedar Shed 4x6  1322.727273 AUD
Palmwood 6x6 Cedar Shed  1607.272727 AUD
Hyland 8x6 Cedar Shed  1875.454545 AUD
Glendale 8X8 Cedar Shed  2418.181818 AUD